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The Center for Innovative Cardiovascular Technologies (CICT)


The Center for Innovative Cardiovascular Technologies focuses on advancing translational research for cardiovascular patients in both the adult and pediatric populations. Housed in Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering, CICT is a virtual center that connects clinicians and industry leaders to pioneering researchers across multiple engineering disciplines at Georgia Tech and Emory University School of Medicine. Through CICT, the cardiac community can identify and share resources, knowledge, and expertise to help usher in the next generation of cardiovascular technologies. 



To be the cardiac community’s premier and principal resource in facilitating the development of new cardiovascular technologies



  • CICT seeks to play a pivotal role in translational cardiac research that propels cutting-edge technologies into the forefront of patient care and treatment by:
  • Connecting medical device manufacturers with appropriate resources to test, develop, research, patent, and market new cardiac devices.
  • Using the latest imaging technologies to assist clinicians with surgical planning and intervention.
  • Developing and designing pre-clinical animal models, ex vivo biological models, and clinical trials.
  • Collaborating with policy makers, trade organizations, and local and international agencies to establish appropriate guidelines and standards for new cardiovascular technologies.
  • Advising collaborators on bio-design, regulatory and clinical affairs, intellectual property, and business development.
  • Recruiting and training the next generation of innovative biomedical research engineers.
  • Integrating the resources and talents among faculty, clinicians, engineers, and researchers to create an inter-disciplinary approach in carrying out the vision of CICT.

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